There is a reason why modern schools graduate social and economic misfits. It stems from the social dynamics of our schools. It is intellectual incest. The teaching of dogma rather than truth. Our education system is completely out of control.

Why and how did the ideology of the elite intellectual go so far astray? Was it ignorance? No, the participants are highly educated and intelligent. Are they cruel people bent on species extinction? No, they are compassionate (but arrogant) people who fully believe that their course is the proper one for man to take. Then what is it that happened? Why are we so near total cultural failure?

The failure of this movement has two causes. Both, once understood and agreed upon, are correctable. Neither cause can be described in social terms. Both are well known in science and can be described in terms which engineers understand. This text will attempt to describe the social system to the engineer in terms he can understand and describe the control mechanism in a manner such that the social people can also understand. Show this text to any mechanical, electrical or aeronautical engineer for verification. None will deny it.

First the engineering analogy: the education shift in ideology is caused by a control system using a broad-band high-gain amplifier with a faulty input and at least five positive feedback loops. Any control systems engineer will cringe at that description. Any functional system with these characteristics becomes totally out of control very quickly. A 747 with an auto-pilot fitting that description would probably be torn apart in the air the instant the auto-pilot was turned on. Our current cultural chaos is typical of that kind of mechanism. The only element which has allowed us to survive this long culturally is the inertia of a large population and a long average life span. Those act as damping (integrating) terms in the control loop equation.

Next an everyday analogy using the automobile: If you drive your automobile down a highway, you are the control system. If you see that your car is moving to the left, you turn the wheel to the right. You initiate a signal which is opposite to that of the car, and its direction is corrected. Since your signal was the opposite to the error, it is called negative feedback. What would happen if instead you did the opposite correction? What if, when your car drifted to the left, you applied a left turn to the steering wheel? The error would become worse. Since the error is now worse, then, using the same process, you should apply even more correction. The car then turns more sharply to the left. You then apply even more positive correction. Soon you are crosswise in the middle of the approaching traffic.

When an error is sensed in any control system and a signal is applied which increases the error, it is called positive feedbackand it is always disastrous.

Another important part of the control function is a sensor to detect variation. If there is no such sensor in the problem above (you have your eyes closed, for example, or fog obscures your vision) then no correction will be made and the car will drift off the lane in one direction or the other. Even this is preferable to positive feedback, since the inevitable crash in either case will be somewhat slower in coming if the error is not augmented. This sensor is the input mechanism to the system. As long as it is accurate in its message, the controller can make good decisions. If the input from the sensor is inaccurate, nothing can save the automobile. In computereze, this is called garbage in garbage out.

The high-gain amplifier in our engineering analogy and you, the driver, in our automobile analogy are represented in our culture by our institutions of higher learning, in particular those institutions which have direct action on our culture: the liberal arts and education institutions. These functions take students from high schools and educate them to be leaders in our culture. They amplify the student's knowledge from that at entry level to a much higher level at graduation. To the extent that the knowledge thereby gained is factual (true), the student (and society) has gained in the process. But the institution consists of people and people do make mistakes. To the extent that mistakes (falsehood) are passed on to the student, the student (and society) suffers.

The Five Positive Feedback Loops

Now that we know what positive feedback is and how dangerous it is, let's take a look at the culture forming portion of our society.

Loop 1: Intellectual Incest

The first and most damaging of the positive feedback loops is loop1: the higher institution to professor to higher institution loop. If an error is introduced in the institution, such as an erroneous judgement in culture, the institution graduates a professor who in turn will perpetuate that error in teaching the next generation of professors. Since the school which produced the error is also the judge of the performance of the professor, the error is never detected. In this manner, errors will accumulate without limit in the matter taught. The dogma of Marx was the error which became the basis of the SLM movement.

In the case of factual knowledge, the error is soon caught. Errors are quickly caught in any of the hard sciences, the students are quite good at pointing out error to the faculty. Errors are also quickly caught in objective fields such as engineering, since the product designed with that error is unsatisfactory.

In the case of dogma, such as psychology, education theory, sociology and the like, the error is not only not caught, it is often seized upon as a basis for new castles in the air. The new professor writes a new textbook which may, and often does, inflate the error. There are no sensors to detect the error since there is no basis against which the error may be measured. In the case of psychology, and its consequent follow through in education theory and sociology, the error was in the definition of man. They made one up. They followed the thinking of philosophers (not religious philosophers) who have always maintained that man is a wholly intelligent creature.

There is scientific evidence now available which proves that to be false. Man, instead, is an instinctive creature with intelligence. Even the reasoning mechanism is instinctive, as is the application of knowledge in behavior decisions. The religious have known this all along. They preach a creature born capable of sin, perhaps even desiring sin, but one who can learn to control his actions if given a strict and enforced value system .

This makes a profound difference in the specification for man's culture. If he is intelligent and educated properly (by being taught how and what to think) then he can be depended on to make the proper decisions at the proper time and therefore needs no value system. If he is an instinctive creature with intelligence (primarily memory) then he needs a strong enforced value system to follow, one that offers sufficient incentive for conformance. These two cultures are totally incompatible, only one of them can be true. The traditional culture used a value set. Removing that value set due to a misconception has resulted in the cultural chaos we now endure.

Education is entirely different between the two cultures. If man is wholly intelligent then education consists of training him in thinking processes, even at the expense of teaching him knowledge, since knowledge is of no value without the proper processing procedures. Instincts, on the other hand, cannot be educated. It's a waste of time trying. But the instinctive with intelligence, can be easily trained to behave properly through a firm value set. Tell him what he is supposed to do, why it should be done and what happens if he doesn't. Man is fully functional when born, all he needs is a lot of objective knowledge to do great things. To try to train his social instincts is impossible and results in frustration.

This error in man's definition, coupled with Marxist multiplied in an ever more radical cultural shift in the school system, has developed into the culturally insane intellectual elite movement in less than a half-century, resulting in such idiocies as political correctness, multiculturalism, postmodernism and deconstruction.. Outcome based education, values clarification, whole language, mandatory drug use, psychological testing, therapy, etc. in our public (government) schools are all symptoms of this cultural disease.

Each succeeding generation through the school accentuates the error, until finally the error becomes the truth and truth, thereby, becomes false.

Loop 2: Treason in the grade school

The most obvious loop to the public is the higher institution to teacher to student to higher institution loop. The teacher is taught all of the error accumulated in loop 1, which is then passed on to the government school students. After graduating from high school, the students arrive at the institution of higher learning already well immersed in the error in that institution and so are willing and eager students to embrace more of the same. No measurement is made of the teacher performance against reality and so the error is perpetuated. In fact, if a teacher should see the error and rebel, that teacher is liable to termination on the basis of incompetence.

Each succeeding generation through the school accentuates the error, until finally the error becomes the truth and truth, thereby, becomes false.

Almost any caring parent today is totally baffled and outraged with all of the "education" in public (government) schools and most of that in private schools.

Loop 3: Media - an agent of propaganda

The higher institution to media to the school student by way of the public loop is particularly effective in building the strength of the errors accumulated in the institution. The graduates of the higher institutions control and perform in the media. The media, true to its error-laden education, then acts as a propaganda agent for the errors accumulated in the knowledge. They distort news to the public in favor of their ideological viewpoint. A mere selection of words will influence the attitudes of the public. A constant referral, for example, to religious people as being right-wing-extremists molds the public sentiment. The constant referral to socialist projects as protecting the poor and aged, or taking care of the poor unwed moms, gives positive reinforcement to the errors. This distortion is also helpful in the election of officials sympathetic with their viewpoints, who will in turn tend to reinforce those same errors. The television and movie industries are especially effective in the creation of an amoral public, one of the necessities in a socialist society. Students who seek an amoral life will embrace the socialist dogma.

Each succeeding generation through the school accentuates the error, until finally the error becomes the truth and truth, thereby, becomes false.

Loop 4: Government by Coercion

The higher institution to bureaucracy to public school to student to institution higher loop is a complex one. The bureaucrat takes the accumulated error in his education with him to his bureaucratic office. Since he is judged in his performance only by others from the same schools, his errors are not detectable. In fact they are reinforced by peer pressure. He then exerts pressure on the schools, through regulations, to teach this error in schools. He may take legal law and with subtle manipulation change it to promote the very error the law intended to correct. He may blackmail the school into submission by threatening to withhold money from them if they do not conform. He may give grants and subsidies to schools which comply, thus attracting others to be cooperative. He may threaten to pull certification from a school that does not comply. Since these actions are taken both with the government schools from high school and below and the institutions of higher learning, the errors are doubly enforced. The school is forced to teach the error and the higher level institutions are forced to continue teaching the error. Freedom of thought concerning the error is suppressed, big bucks are at stake.

Each succeeding generation through the school accentuates the error, until finally the error becomes the truth and truth, thereby, becomes false.

Loop 5: Isolation of the Public from Law

Loop 5 is the most heinous. The higher institution to court-officer to school to higher institution loop is the big stick in the SLM movement. The graduate of the higher institution becomes an officer of the court and, due to his education, enforces the wishes of the bureaucracy and satisfies the error in his own education. Since this is the only legal path of recourse for the public, the public is stranded from its own government. This essentially cuts off any attempt for the public to appeal for constitutional protection. It's like calling a cop and then he helps the robber. The school is then forced by court order to comply. That enforcement strengthens the power of the imaginative professors who dreamed up this crap in the first place.

Each succeeding generation through the school accentuates the error, until finally the error becomes the truth and truth, thereby, becomes false.


Any one of these loops, if unchecked, can take a hare-brained idiotic theory and blossom it to a full-fledged destructive juggernaut. All of them together produce an irresistible force.

The Correction

Although there are possible corrections that could be made to each loop, such as requiring teachers and professors to have experience in the real world before being allowed to teach, or establishing a standard ideology for all teachers (like keep your cotton picking hands off our culture), censoring the media, or simply abolishing the teaching of education and psychology dogma, all would create huge controversies, and require self-defeating bureaucratic controls.

There is a common center for all of the loops, however, the public school system. Severing the loops at this point and measuring the output of the school ends the positive feedback and provides negative feedback. With a few simple changes the entire control problem is solved :

  • Abolish the education bureaucracy.
  • Teach only provable knowledge to willing and cooperative students. No dogma, no fiction, no hearsay, no conjecture, no therapy, no compulsory drugs, no psychological profiling, no entertainment. Refer all unwilling and disruptive students to the juvenile authorities for separate and specialized remedial control. Bring them back in as quickly as possible.
  • Provide a wide factual curriculum. Teach the student what he is, where he fits in the universe, and what the universe is.
  • Teach all subjects in a traditional manner: lectures, tests, reviews, homework, separate subjects, individual effort, individual grading, a pat on the back when they do well, a lecture on responsibility when they do not.
  • Maintain dignity, safety and order.
  • Allow time for and make provisions for mental and physical relaxation, not to exceed 20% of the school day. Such things as literature, art, music, physical and mental games, club meetings, etc. may be used for this purpose. Attendance to be voluntary and activities do not count in the grading.

Stop and think! Why should we teach children questionable material? All dogma is questionable. Would you eat questionable food? Would you serve it to your children? There is more factual material available than they will ever be able to learn. In this knowledge intensive modern world, they need all the background they can get.

Teaching provable knowledge is straight forward. Each item of knowledge may be measured. Every scrap of the curriculum can be evaluated. The amount learned by each student can be measured. The teachers and schools may be objectively evaluated. The courts no longer enter the problem. The bureaucrats are shut off. The media is still able to play games with the morals, but the parents can offset that. The students are protected from the positive feedback from all five loops. They arrive at the higher institution with no experience in and no tolerance for dogma, hearsay, conjecture or opinion, eager and prepared for their chosen field.

URL: http://www.onelife.com/edu/dynamics.html