author John Stevenson, BS, MS (retired)
Electronic Engineer (Senior Engineer, Hughes),
Engineering Services Manager (Motorola),
Director of Quality Control (Collins),
Meteorologist (Air Force, Chief Warrant Officer
- wartime service),
Teacher (electronics, DeVry Institute),
Inventor (patents in plastics molding, internal combustion engines, digital music synthesis),
Programmer (Pascal, Perl, Basic, x86 assembly),
Student of social behavior (culture) based on real and provable knowledge.

I welcome all comment, pro and con. I have made errors, of that I am sure. I'd like to correct them. If I stray too far from provable fact, be sure to tell me how I err. And if I miss an important point, please let me know.

I, like any thinking creature, have my prejudices, bigotries, and baseless beliefs. I already understand many of these and defend them no longer. I am sure that others will be brought to my attention. And I'll listen.