About OneLife

The OneLife site is dedicated to the argument that human culture should be based on factual knowledge. All modern cultures are, instead, based on dogma, archaic and erroneous tribal hand-me-downs.

It has become obvious to us, during the course of our research for these essays, that our education system is perverted and destructive, that our government has become a separate elite tribe whose sole interest is in maintaining control of and fleecing the public, that the fields of psychology and psychiatry are shams and the practitioners no more than modern witch doctors, that our justice system is a travesty, and that our big business has become well paid tax collectors for the government. We feel that all of this is due to ignorance, rather than ill-will and is the result of a culture based on a dogma with archaic and erroneous premises, one that teaches that very ignorance.

We hope to show in these texts that community behavior (culture) may be based on provable fact rather than dogma and that such action is advisable. We are freely critical of the current world cultural crises and the forces and tribal groups that we feel are responsible.

Note! This text is concerned only with cause and effect. Judgmental words such as moral, ethical, good, bad, degraded, enhanced, etc. are based on the effect of the subject matter regarding long term survival of the species (and life itself).

PC disclaimer: In the interest of transparent communication, the author uses (correctly) the masculine terms "man", "he" and "his" as general words to refer to both man and woman on an equal basis without regard to their individual sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, skin color, geographical origin, or economic class.

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