First there was an explosion of unimaginable fury. Then came the formation of an enormous mechanical universe. On an insignificant speck of matter, an obscure place of rare benign conditions, a tiny and fragile fragment of life was born, an exquisite bit of order that defied chaos. In its survival struggle it developed the ability to be intelligent, a force that overcomes all. With this latent power, will life now have lofty goals, and grow to claim this entire kingdom as its own? Or will it struggle briefly, intent only on its own interests, then fade into oblivion?

Introduction The answer to these questions lies in the culture of man, the goals and dreams of that portion of life ordained by nature to nurture the rest.
OneLife What is the basic mechanism of life? What is the relationship between man and all other life? Is this scientific study a basis for a human philosophy?
and Genetics
What is the mechanism by which all life develops? How did man develop? What is the future for man? Can man ever be free from the tyranny of evolution?
Ethics and
What is proper behavior for the individual human? Can science, through the study of genetics and evolution, determine human morality?
and Culture
Our science of human behavior determines the course of cultural development, an engineering task now performed by academics.
and Reform
Our education should insure the stability of our culture by teaching its detail and only provable knowledge.
Socialism Socialism stresses the wants and desires of mankind rather than obligations. Is that what mankind needs?
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